Deep Chat Conversations part 3

Thursday Nov 15 2012

"work" is me just FYI

so u have a braoder communication scope
work: something i pride myself on
Her: i think its something you should definitely pride yourself in
work: I do feel like you can put me downin just about ANY situation and I will thrive
Her: its a skill
work: it is
work: but if you get deep into it
work: having that skill makes me wonder WHY am i good at it
work: to which I coclude, its cuz I dont know who i am down deep
work: which allows me to place my conciousness in other peoples worlds
work: if my consiousness was set it stone, it would move, and i couldnt free it up to understand where someone was coming from
work: so yes its a skill
work: but it does come at a cost
work: and I dunno if youve ever had that feeling
work: but not "knowing who you are" or feelling like u dont haev a unique identtiy
work: is this hopeless lost feeling
work: yah know
work: specially once you feel like youve been looking for 30 years
work: its almost too late to figure out htis maze
work: just accept your lost
work: sit down and enjoy the rest of the show
Tags: chat , funny