Soccer and Basketball

Sunday Sep 27 2020

Ok, I'm tired of getting into this argument with you soccer fans. Yes, there are more fouls called in basketball. Let me break it down. There are 22 players on the field in soccer and 1 referee. In basketball there are 10 players and 3 refs! So if there are more police in basketball, there is going to be more crime reported. It doesn't mean there isn't any crime in soccer, you can just get away with it more because there aren't a lot of police around to catch you. So when you see those statistics, just keep in mind how any police there are in the black neighborhoods and not in the soccer neighborhoods. Not saying soccer families commit more crime, but there will definitely be more arrests in the black neighborhood since they are over policed.

... I think I mixed up my rants...
Tags: BLM , social justice , soccer , basketball