Diet Challenge Bowling

Wednesday Sep 30 2015

This idea is coming to me almost as I am typing it, but my idea is to have what I am calling for now "Diet Challenge Bowling". Here's how it goes.

Step 1: The Setup
In order to bowl you need to setup the pins. For the next ten days (as there are ten pins in bowling if you are not aware), I will be creating my pins. Each pin is a particular health/diet challenge, that can range from something very generic like "thirty minutes of exercise" to something personal and specific like "NOT going into the snack closet at my job". Every day you need to add a new pin to the game, while maintaining the pins setup the days priore. So if your first pin was to get thirty minutes of exercise, then when you assign the next pin, you have to continue to get thirty minutes of excersise as well, therefore giving you ten simultaneous activities by the end of ten days.

Step 2: Play the game
Now comes the hard part. Each of the next ten - twenty days is a frame. If you are only able to keep five of your pins one day, you have the next day to try and pick up the other five - get the spare. (this gives us the ability to be flexible, it will be really hard to do all ten at once, your bound to slip or have a life circumstance keep you from being "perfect" but the hope is that by the end of the setup period, you've gained the endurance to get as close to doing all ten at once.) You would keep score just like you would in a bowling match, I wont go into those details here. 

Step 3: Evaluation
At the end of every game, you can decide if you need to change a few pins, if they were too hard or too easy, and play the game again, and try and beat you score! Figure out what you did right the last game, what you did wrong, take 1 day off, and start the game all over again! Ready?

I am going to start min with the challenge to not go into the snack closet at my job. Pin #1!
Tags: bowling , diet , exercise