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Tuesday, Feb 4 2014

Weight Journal: 190.3

Down again! looks like I did a good job working off that super bowl food!

Ate within points: Yes
100%on Active Link: Yes
Late night snacking? No
Overall Grade: A-

Only thing keeping me from getting a A+ was that my dinner was a bit late, and I had some cake that I couldn't accurately track. Getting close.

Tonight at Weight Watchers© we discussed routines again, and the routine I chose to work on was getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I probably get about 6-7 hours a night and I think the extra hour or two could go a long way towards giving me the energy on the low days to make sure I get the exercise I need! Wish me luck. I will start keeping track of that with my daily blog.


Monday, Feb 3 2014

Weight Journal: 192.2

Post Super Bowl Weight, I'll take it for now.

Ate within points: no Friday, yes Saturday, no Sunday
100% on Active link: yes Friday, no Saturday, yes Sunday
Late night snacking: yes all nights
Overall Weekend Grade: C

I'd have failed myself but I got the exercise I needed, I had fun at the super bowl parties, and I will be spending this week getting it back off.


Friday, Jan 31 2014

Weight Journal: 190.7

When I first got on the scale, it read 192.2, then I realized I was still in full pajama gear, so got back to what I wear every morning and got it to 190.7

Ate within my points? Yes
100% on active link? Yes
Late night snacking? NO!
Overall Grade: A-

Didn't do any late night snacking, I did eat dinner a little later than I normally do, I did have some chocolate I didn't need, and a Weight Watchers red velvet cake thing I didn't need, but I did very well yesterday. Today's goals are to get 100% again, don't give myself the "it's the weekend" speech, and continue this process I have been doing of curbing my appetite and trying to convince myself that I am not hungry.

Think I can continue in the right Direction?


Thursday, Jan 30 2014

Weight Journal: 192.2

Getting healthy, so weight back to "normal"
Ate within points: yes
100% on Active Link: No
Late-night snacking: no
Overall Grade: B-

Can't let snow-magedon keep me from getting exercise, if I cant leave the house today I need to find a way to still get a workout.


Wednesday, Jan 29 2014

Weight Journal: 190.0

Down to 190.0 on the scale today, but I am very sick so I don't think I can take credit.
Ate within points: Only had a bowl of soup :-/
100% on Active Link: no way, can barely move
Late night snacking? No, just water and powerade
Overall Grade: G

When I was in school, a G was a no grade kind of thing, basically you passed the class, but with nothing that will affect your GPA.

I don't like being sick but being this low on the scale is kind of cool. still 10lbs to go.


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