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Monday, Oct 17 2016

Micro Blog

So I've started a micro blog in hopes of gathering more accurate information about my eating patterns, to then in hopes understand why I feel hungry, the things I can do about it in the future. It is going pretty well so far I think, it has only been about a week. If there is a want for anyone to see these micro blogs maybe I will find a place for them on this site. In the mean time they remain private!


Friday, Oct 9 2015

First Two 'Real' Frames

I seem to be struggling to drink my 100oz of water everyday. Need to get a fix on that. Otherwise I'm off to my usual uneasy start when I bowl. I did pretty well yesterday knocking down 9 pins! I've weened myself off the work free food closet pretty well, that for me was going to be the toughest pin to tackle. Not eating after 7 is also a hard one, I don't get home until 630 and have to rush to put something together.

Goal Today: Drink my 100oz of water and pick up this spare.


Friday, Oct 2 2015


I got a strike on my first warm up roll! It wasn't easy, not eating after seven is a lot harder than I remember it being when i was dieting hardcore. On to frame number two.

Trying to find a way to be able to keep score of the game online, right now I have a scorecard I printed out and put on my fridge, if your interested in playing, download your scorecard here!


Friday, Sep 25 2015

Finding That Motivation

I'm still having issues finding my motivation so I have been reading my old blogs trying to figure out what I did before to get past this, and I came across this blog and remembered my "GED" challenge. I am going to start this back up and I am going to find my weight anchors and put those back around my neck again. Get this thing moving.

Still having issues with my weight, I loose, I gain. So sick of the ebb and flow. I'm starting my count of "Good Eating Days" over again, and challenging myself to 7 straight days to start. What does a "good Eating Day" look like you ask?:
  • Tracking ALL food eaten
  • Not going over my allotted points
  • Not eating after 7pm
  • Eating breakfast
  • Careful snacking in the afternoon
  • The last one is key because I tend to snack a lot while I sit at my desk in the afternoon, vending machine food, terrible. I am going to stick to chewing gum, eating applesauce and drinking water to avoid the snacking.
Well I hope I can do this. I'm wearing my anchor (even got WW to replace them so they are newer looking), I feel super motivated, I need to get more exercise. I just hope I can keep this up and get this weight off. Need to be strict with myself like I was when I started that journey.


Friday, Aug 14 2015

Time for day one... again

So I was 198.4 after my honeymoon... I was 185 the week before my wedding in may. This is NOT COOL.

So its back to day one again, and without any impending trips or nuptials, I will have to dig deep to find the motivation to get this weight back off. The ability to get a workout in at lunch at my new job is going to be key on this leg of the journey so wish me luck, and for anyone reading this I may be coming your way for that motivation.

Here we go...


Wednesday, Mar 4 2015

Nothing moving

I'm still sticking with it but nothing seems to be moving forward, just more of the same.  Too much free food at work, sucks.


Wednesday, Feb 18 2015

Sticking with it

Not a long submission here, just thought I should mention that I've been sticking to the plan and its FINALLY starting to pay off, I was down 2lbs last Friday. I hope to build on that this week, I will have to let "you" know lol.

You are the resistance...


Friday, Jan 16 2015

Not making excuses

It's been a while since my last blog, and any regulars of my blog know that means I have not been eating right! Sure enough I have gained a few pounds and I am trying to get moving to get them back off.

I have been busy with work and trying to plan this wedding I have been mis-stepping when it comes to eating and excising.  I am hoping a return to blogging is what is needed to get things moving in the right direction.

wish me luck


Thursday, Nov 13 2014

Tuesday Tips! ... on Thursday

Another busy week her at work has me behind on my blogging.

Today's Tip: Walk the dog.

Once the most popular trick to do with your yo-yo int eh 80's, is now a great tip for loosing weight! If you are feeling nestalgic and want to grap your yo-yo and take it for a spin, by all means have at it! If you are trying to loose some of that extra weight around the midsection, making Fido happy is a great way top get going!

A lot of people struggle with trying to find ways to get exercise, or struggle with feeling lazy or lethargic when it comes to getting out and getting moving. Well there is someone in your house who is there to motivate you (whether he knows it or not!). Look into those eyes, say the word "outside" and grab that leash! Easiest way to get moving.

Oh, you don't have a dog?.. hmm, does your neighbor? a friend? I have a friend who has a dog and they are more than happy to have me come and take their dog for walks/jogs! If you ask, I'm sure you have someone close by who will love for you to take their canine out for a walk.


Tuesday, Nov 4 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: What does the butcher in the market weigh?

Often times we guess how much food we are eating. It's good that you are tracking, but tracking inaccurately negates the act! You may think you know how much that food weighs or measures, but MAKE SURE! Get out that scale or measuring cups and find out for sure what you are eating. The general rule is that a 4oz piece of meat is the size of the palm of your hand or a deck of cards, while that is a good rule if you don't have a scale, being precise is better. Here are some meats that are more than worth the weight watchers points!

Beef, ground, 90% lean/10% fat, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Pork, loin, center rib, lean and fat, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Fish, tilapia, cooked - 3oz 3PP
Beef, New York steak, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Chicken, breast, raw, without skin, without bone - 4oz - 3PP
Chicken thigh, dark meat, skinless, boneless, raw - 3oz 2PP
Turkey, breast, ground, raw 4ox - 3PP
Deli sliced turkey - 6oz - 3PP

That's a good start! Here are some other tips I've found:
12 Ways to estimate serving sizes


Friday, Oct 31 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!..on Friday

Sorry this is so late, but here is your Tuesday Tip!

Today's Tip: Make it Fancy!

One of my all-time favorite meals is chicken with broccoli.  I can grill a mean piece of chicken and usually get one of those steam in bag broccoli florets from the store.  Put those with some rice! Delicious meal, from 8-12 points depending on how much rice and how much chicken you eat.  Sometime, I've splurged at lunch and just don't have the points to eat that meal. My favorite part of my favorite meal is the broccoli, which thankfully is point free! Often times, eating just veggies may not leave you feeling full, or in my case, not do enough to trick my brain into thinking my stomach is full.

Here's a good way to make a low-points or points-free meal make you feel full. Make it fancy! I go to the farmers market and buy one of those full heads of broccoli, the big ones, I steam one of those on the stove. I then place it neatly on a nice plate, get out a steak knife and fork, sit down very proper at my dinning room table and eat my broccoli head as if it were a prime steak! Yum. Add a candle to the table if you'd like. Doing this is enough to trick my brain into thinking it is full afterward! and my stomach is actually full, those broccoli heads are large!

So grab the good china and a cloth napkin, make that plate look good and have your veggies and save your points!


Tuesday, Oct 21 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: You'll look great, if you don't eat late!

One of the big "secrets" of my weight loss was having the will power to avoid eating late at night.  I, much like a lot of Americans, enjoy the late night snacking. Popcorn is my favorite nighttime snack, but just about anything late is awesome, especially fries.  Mmmmm, fries and popcorn... I've digressed. Eating late (at least for me) always leads to weight gain, you eat those calories without any time to burn them off and overnight they get stored into fat. Yuck. Being able to stay away from eating late can really help your waistline, and it will also make you more hungry for the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Roughly 10% of Americans skip breakfast, a statistic that to me is staggering, mostly because I made it up for this post. We at Weight Watchers know just how important breakfast is!

But Ben, How do we avoid eating late? What if your hungry??

Good question.  One thing I did to avoid eating late is adjusting my meal schedule. Currently, I eat breakfast around 10 am. I get to work at nine, (check facebook), get everything open, (check twitter), get settled in, (read get coffee, (check facebook again) figure out what I am going to be working on for the day, have breakfast (while watching youtube videos), then start my workday! I will make sure to incorporate some fruit with my breakfast, and tend to include a good amount of fiber with breakfast.  Most of my coworkers eat lunch at 11, way to early for me, I hold off and eat lunch around 1 maybe 2.  Most of the time I will wait as late as I can, wait until I am actually hungry for lunch.  around 4, I will have a snack, usually try to make it around 3 points.  If I need to, in between meals I will also chew gum. Another thing that helps pass the time for you bored eaters, is being busy! That's right, being a good employee is good for your diet! I will get to work and stay focused (unless I get tagged on facebook) and the hours will fly by without me eating anything.  I typically eat dinner around 6pm, and immediately follow it with dessert. Get dessert out of the way! Once you've had your sweet treat, your brain will have a better time realizing you are done for the day.

Now comes the hard part of the evening, getting from 7pm to bedtime without eating. For me, its very hard to watch tv/movies without snacking on something. Chewing gum in the evening while you are being entertained is also an option here. If you absolutely have to be snacking on something, try grapes (and pretend its wine and popcorn). If you have something around the house you can do to keep busy, do that to pass the time, maybe get some extra credit by getting more work done from home. Play with your kids, help them with their homework (even if they don't want it) and do everything you can to stay out of the kitchen.  The earlier you start the getting ready for bed process the better, go ahead and brush those teeth and put on those PJ's. The mint flavor in the toothpaste will help quell your cravings for food late. If you can, go ahead and crawl into bed, watch TV there, also gets you one step closer to sleep, and keeps you out of the fridge.

Hope you were able to find these tips helpful! As always I welcome feedback in the comments below.

Happy Tracking!


Monday, Oct 20 2014

Weekend Woes

I went to my cousins wedding over the weekend in Dayton, OH. Boy oh boy, getting comfortable around family and eating all that comfort food may have been good for my soul, but it was not good for my waistline!

Friday Night: Chicken wings, fried rice, ribs, potato chips, bacon wrapped pineapple, coleslaw, kale salad, ice cream, and cobbler

Saturday: waffles, eggs, cereal, bacon, potatoes, summer rolls, chicken stir fry, bubble tea, salmon, pasta, tortilla chips, cheese dip, pretzel bites, green beans, mashed potatoes, 3 mixed drinks, and 4 of the desert bite things.

Thankfully Saturday night I got really sick, I did not feel well at all Saturday night and most of Sunday. I say thankfully because it reminded me to get my life back together.

Sunday: Grilled white fish, grilled shrimp, steam broccoli, steam green beans, brown rice.

Back at it this week, I'd done really well last week, I look forward to continuing my progress this week.


Tuesday, Oct 7 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: Watch your math!

Be careful when you are tracking your items! sometimes the math doesn't work out the way you want it to because WW doesn't do half points anymore, and things get rounded in a weird way.  For example, if you eat 1 serving of Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese it is 2 points, but if you eat 2 servings it is 5 points! Why is that? Well its math my dear! Lets say when you plug in the nutrition facts of the soup into your calculator, the actual math works out to 2.3 points plus, but since WW doesn't do partial points, it gets rounded down to 2 when you track it.  If you eat two servings, that's actually 4.6 points plus (2.3 *2), and again, with no partial points, 4.6 gets rounded UP to 5! Most items will work out correctly for 2 portions, just about everything starts getting weird around 3-4 portions so always be careful, don't assume! sometimes you get lucky and a 2pp item will double and only be 3pp (1.6 rounded up to two, but doubled, 3.2 rounds DOWN to 3!). Be careful when eating partial portions as well, this mathematical rounding phenomenon works in the other direction too!

To sum up; always plug everything into your tracker correctly, never assume you know the points when multiplying or dividing, plug it into the tracker and let it tell you which way the scale leans!

That's all for today, happy tracking!


Friday, Sep 26 2014


"Waiting to come back to [Weight Watchers] meetings until you loose the weight makes about as much sense as waiting until your healthy to go to the doctor."

~Heather Paper


Friday, Sep 12 2014

Yet another restart

Still having issues with my weight, I loose, I gain. So sick of the ebb and flow.

I'm starting my count of "Good Eating Days" over again, and challenging myself to 7 straight days to start. What does a "good Eating Day" look like you ask?:
  1. Tracking ALL food eaten
  2. Not going over my allotted points
  3. Not eating after 7pm
  4. Eating breakfast
  5. Careful snacking in the afternoon

The last one is key because I tend to snack a lot while I sit at my desk in the afternoon, vending machine food, terrible. I am going to stick to chewing gum, eating applesauce and drinking water to avoid the snacking.

Well I hope I can do this. I'm wearing my anchor (even got WW to replace them so they are newer looking), I feel super motivated, I need to get more exercise. I just hope I can keep this up and get this weight off. Need to be strict with myself like I was when I started that journey.


Tuesday, Feb 11 2014

Weight Journal: 191.8, 6 day streak

Weight on the scale wont move, but I have been moving, 6 days in a row now!

Ate within points: Yes
100% on Activelink: Yes
Late night snacking: Yes
Overall Grade: B+

I was proud of myself today, I very bummed that it does not show on the scale, got to keep chugging along, wish me luck.


Monday, Feb 10 2014

Weight Journal: 191.8, 4 days streak

Just cant seem to break that 190 barrier. Ugh

Ate within points: close
100% on Active Link: 4 days in a row!
Late night snacking: Watermelon count?
Sleep 8hrs a night: averaging about 7.5
Overall Weekend Grade: B

Had some booz this weekend, not a bad thing, did eat a little more and later than I wanted to on Saturday, but I was good all weekend about getting the exercise I need.


Thursday, Feb 6 2014

Weight Journal: 190.7

Up just a little from two days ago.

Ate within the points: NO
100% on Active Link: No
Late night snacking: Yes
Overall Grade: F

Failed all three parts, Not good.  This course is not going well.


Wednesday, Feb 5 2014

Weight Journal: ---.-

Was late for work so I missed the scale this morning.

Ate within points? Yes
100% on ActiveLink? No
Late Night snacking? No
8 Hours of sleep? No :-/
Overall Grade: C

Had some popcorn late to "celebrate" being down 2lbs at WW. but I didn't get to bed until VERY late, and didn't get around to working out yesterday. Sigh.  Gotta get my grades up.


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