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Tuesday, Apr 28 2015

Plateau: More Than a Geographic Formation.

Today's Weight: 188.7

If you look up the definition of "plateau", you will find you will find out that it is "an area of relatively level high ground", but if you read the second definition, it says: "a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress." It is that definition which I find more apt! On April 17th, I weighed in at 188.7, same as I have weighed in this morning, which means I have gone 11 days, and essentially without any movement. I have gone up, I have gone down, but always ended up right back here at 188.7. Frustrating. What do I do? Well, I've created a three step process in order to try and get off this plateau. I just made this up, so I have not proven that this works just yet.

1) Be honest with yourself.
Since you have been on this plateau, what things have you done wrong? What things have you done right? Be honest with yourself about these things and you can move forward, lying to yourself will only hurt yourself! Did you eat pulled pork and two cookies last night? YES YOU DID! It's important to recognize your short comings, even more important to find a way to address them so they don't happen again.

2) Make a plan
What can you do to make sure you don't do the things wrong that you found in step one? What can you do to make sure you do more of the things you did right in step one? Make a action plan, maybe schedule out the next 7 days of exercise and food so you know what you have coming and don't have to worry about thinking too much and getting off track.

3) Don't wait until tomorrow
We often say "Diet starts tomorrow", if you are on a plateau, that cannot be the mentality. Need to adopt the "No better time than the present" mantra. Put your action plan into motion ASAP! What can you do RIGHT NOW to get things moving in the right direction?

I hope with all my might I can get off this plateau and continue on my journey. I am only 8.7lbs from my goal and I am far to close to start backing up. My wedding is in 17 days and I need to be as lean and fit for those pictures as I possibly can!


Tuesday, Apr 21 2015

Fat Smash Diet: Rough Weekend

Today's Weight: 188.5

I had a very busy weekend, and as often happens with busy weekends, diets have to take a backseat while you are trying to get things done. With busyness of the days, I lost focus of my recent good eating habits. I wont go as far as to say "I fell off the wagon", but I did lean out and think about tucking and rolling for sure. On Friday, I met my fiance for lunch, we hadn't seen each other the day before and wouldn't see each other that evening. We went to Longhorn steak house but I had the issue of being too hungry because I had not eaten at all that day, bad idea. I ended up ordering a corn fritter appetizer and a hamburger for my meal. I did remove the bun from my hamburger before I ate it and had a salad (no cheese) as my side.

I was proud of myself Sunday for sticking to my guns, I attending an AWESOME lip-sync party Saturday night and I was able to stay away from the food table, only eating (about half) of the apples they had there (I felt bad because they were meant for people to dip in this caramel dip, but I ate all the apples to the caramel dip went relatively untouched lol).

Sunday we had a few people at the house to help with random tasks and I provided some food for them, and I messed around and bought some lemon cookies, one of my favorites, and might have had a few of those...

The good news: I got my exercise in on Saturday and Sunday. Ate right and exercised on Monday and since last Friday I have actually lost 0.2 pounds, a blessing in my opinion.

I look forward to staying seated on the wagon, secured firmly , and enjoying the rest of this ride.

Don't fret falling off, just get your butt back on!
We all fall "off the wagon" at some point while trying to kick any habit. If it was easy to do, we wouldn't need support groups, pins, medications, and metaphors that remind us of the Oregon Trail. Never the less, don't fret if you fall off the wagon on your journey. In keeping with the metaphor, just remember you still have a seat in that wagon, and it's not going anywhere without you. Dust yourself off, take note of what caused you to fall off, get back on and avoid that thing in the future. The main thing to remember is that the wagon cannot move if your not on it, so if you want to get to your goal, you got to get back on! This is definitely a journey that's just about finishing it, not making good time.


Friday, Apr 17 2015

FSD: Day 16

Today's Weight: 188.7

It's Friday! Sadly I will not have time to get a good workout in today but that's fine, I got one everyday this week so today is my day off. Finally dropped my weight below 190 for the first time since last fall when I spent that week at 187.5, right before I hurt my knee and the holidays hit. So I am excited to be under 190, I did my little celebration in the bathroom this morning then went downstairs to pack my healthy food for the day. I still got 8.7 to go, and got a feeling it will come off very slow, patience is now going to be key. I am going to return to Weight Watchers today, and stop being lazy about it like I have been in the last month letting work meeting and lunches with friends get in my way. Here's to being back on track!

Our Busy Busy Lives
Too often life can just be so busy. Everyday you have to deal with a whole lot of things; work, your house, spouse, kids, wedding planning, business, friends, trying to figure out who Tyler Perry is, your day can fill up rather fast, so you have to try and fit in exercise and dieting in there and do it right. It's tough.

I don't have the secret to getting it done either sadly, all I can say is that if you are a planner like me, then plan your exercises. I have a exercise calendar on my google calendar and pre-load my workout times about a week ahead of time, that way I can schedule other things around it.

If your not a super planner, my best recommendation is do get your workouts done in the morning, get them out of the way, so you have the rest of the day to handle whatever it is life throws at you.

Not a morning person? Not a planner? How about 30 minutes right before bed? If you live in a safe neighborhood, go for a jog around the neighborhood before bed. If your a member of a gym, go to the gym for 30 minutes before bed. Use workout equipment at home if that's an option.

Un-safe neighborhood? No gym? Boflex just won't fit in the man-cave? How about lunch time at work? Head out of the office and get a good walk around for 30 minutes then come back to eat that healthy lunch I know you packed. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to get in and out of the office for those much needed extra steps.

If none of those work for you, leave a comment below and I can dispense some more advice for you. Also comment below if you have figured out who Tyler Perry is.


Thursday, Apr 16 2015

Fat Smash Diet Two Weeks In

So today marks the two week mark since I started this diet. I have lost 9.5 pounds but seem to be plateauing around 190.5 for the time being. I do think this diet is doing a good job or re-training my body to process food in the right way, but still does not address my addiction to food. I think that may only be a job for a psychologist.

I would still recommend this diet for anyone looking to jump start their weight loss. Be prepared to be challenged and be prepared to have the time to get the workouts in. I have always said, weight loss required determination, will power, and discipline. You need all three or it will not happen.


Tuesday, Apr 14 2015

FSD: Day 13

Today Weight: 190.3

Today I won't do a full blog, I just want to mention a conversation I had with my fiance last night. I told her that when I got under 190lbs I was going to treat myself to one of the Cadbury Creame Eggs she so sweetly got me for Easter. She reminded me that that was not the mentality to have, and I agreed. Going back to the blog I wrote on Day 11 and Day 10, Telling the world and not celebrating by eating poorly, I was able to get re-motivated behind my own principles and get my mentality back on track, thus making this blogging thing cyclical!


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