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Thursday, Oct 1 2015

My Ten Pins

I have created the ten pins for my Diet Bowling Challenge! 
  1. Do not enter the snack closet
  2. No Sodas
  3. No food after 7PM
  4. Track all my food with Weight Watchers
  5. Do my nighttime calisthenics OR goto gym during the day
  6. Eat breakfast, keep it under 10 points
  7. 100oz of water a day
  8. Only 2 cups of coffee
  9. Eat veggies with dinner
  10. Eat a snack that makes me happy
Going to spend a few days I think getting "Warmed up" before I play for real, and also work on the score card!


Friday, Sep 25 2015

Finding That Motivation

I'm still having issues finding my motivation so I have been reading my old blogs trying to figure out what I did before to get past this, and I came across this blog and remembered my "GED" challenge. I am going to start this back up and I am going to find my weight anchors and put those back around my neck again. Get this thing moving.

Still having issues with my weight, I loose, I gain. So sick of the ebb and flow. I'm starting my count of "Good Eating Days" over again, and challenging myself to 7 straight days to start. What does a "good Eating Day" look like you ask?:
  • Tracking ALL food eaten
  • Not going over my allotted points
  • Not eating after 7pm
  • Eating breakfast
  • Careful snacking in the afternoon
  • The last one is key because I tend to snack a lot while I sit at my desk in the afternoon, vending machine food, terrible. I am going to stick to chewing gum, eating applesauce and drinking water to avoid the snacking.
Well I hope I can do this. I'm wearing my anchor (even got WW to replace them so they are newer looking), I feel super motivated, I need to get more exercise. I just hope I can keep this up and get this weight off. Need to be strict with myself like I was when I started that journey.


Wednesday, Sep 23 2015


Finally stepped on the scale for the first time since I injured myself and it was not a good idea. I have gained another 10lbs and I am starting to loose my mind. 

Food is happiness for me, we all know that, but right now I am finding myself in dire need of this happiness. Being "disabled" has been rough for me, and with my wife in super stressed mode with her dissertation I have not been laying the bulk of my depression on her, and still trying to be a good husband and keep her mood up as best I can. At the end of the day the result is a decently happy wife (which is important), but leaving myself in shambles on the inside wanting to scream all day long. 

One of the few things that puts a smile on my face is food. Eating doesn't make the pain go away, but it does a great job of hiding it for a few moments. I've said this before, I never attacked my mental issue with food, just forced myself to work around it to loose weight. My usual workarounds, like exercise, are no longer an option. So what do I do? 

I've started writing on my arm again, hoping that will give me some sort of motivation. I've been tracking all my food in my tracker, hoping that helps keep me on track. I've stopped eating out for lunch, that has saved my diet and my wallet. If I can avoid the food closet here at work i think that will be another great step, but its hard, particularly in the afternoon, when my appetite is on high. I keep going back in there to grab something. FREE FOOD! Who passes that up. We even have catered lunch today, and it's Thai food, which I love. Oh man. going to be particularly hard to stay strong today.

Anyway, that's my rant for right now, just trying to figure out how I'm going to make it, or at least fake it till I can get my but back to the gym, or at least out for a walk.


Saturday, Aug 22 2015

Things always get in the way

Since I have returned from my trip to Europe, I have been wanting to get my act together and loose some of this weight that I have put on since our wedding. With my new job came a gym membership and also renewed my commitment to myself and to my wife that I was about to get things moving in the right direction. I started playing basketball on Tuesday and Thursday, spin class on Wednesday, and going for a jog on the weekend. I even laid out my daily eating schedule.

Exactly one week into my new found motivation, something has slowed me down. While playing basketball I managed to snap my Achilles tendon right in half. As I was falling to the floor, I knew it was going to be bad. I was rushed to the hospital and put into a cast. I have seen the Orthopedist and have my surgery scheduled for this coming Thursday. After which, will be about a 3 month recovery time.

I am trying to find the will power I need to not let this get me down. To try and at least continue to eat right even though I cannot exercise. I've started doing sit-ups, and it is pretty much the only exercise I can do. I also plan on going tot he gym and doing some upper body lifting, to make sure I keep my arms and chest in check as well. All is it I expect is going to be hard to WANT to do while all I really want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV.

So as usual, wish me luck as I try to keep my spirits up, and my diet in check.


Friday, Aug 14 2015

Time for day one... again

So I was 198.4 after my honeymoon... I was 185 the week before my wedding in may. This is NOT COOL.

So its back to day one again, and without any impending trips or nuptials, I will have to dig deep to find the motivation to get this weight back off. The ability to get a workout in at lunch at my new job is going to be key on this leg of the journey so wish me luck, and for anyone reading this I may be coming your way for that motivation.

Here we go...


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