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Wednesday, Oct 25 2017

Have a Brightline Day!

As I usually do, I read the cliff notes for this book on how to handle the psychological issues with food, and think I know anything. This book, The Brightline Diet, outlines some steps to follow to break your addiction to food, which I firmly believe I have. In a nutshell, I have to stop eating the things that "reward" my brain (sugar, flour) and stop snacking. As far as your mental health, it suggests a regimen of meditation and inspirational quotes.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring. So don't stay mad for too long. Learn to forgive and love with all your heart. Don't worry about the people who don't like you. Enjoy the ones who love you.

So far, since Friday I have lost 4 pounds. good start, need to work harder at working out. Part of the bright line thing is writing in a journal, so I will be trying to do that as much as possible.


Monday, Apr 6 2015

FSD: Day 5

Today's Weight: 195.8

So I am even less excited about 0.2 than I was about 0.7, but again, I should be happy that's it's headed in the right direction. Maybe I will look up some physics postulates regarding motion and momentum to give me some motivation that I am doing the right thing. It's a little rough because, in most parts of life I'm really patient, but in this aspect I am not. I want the weight to drop off immediately. I have been eating right and I have been exercising. Com'on man!

I think maybe I eat TOO much fruit so i am going to try and back off of that a little bit today. I'm also having lunch with a friend who has done this before and get some more advice from him.

(I don't think I talk enough about general struggles with weight loss so I will start adding a little something extra to all of my weight loss related blogs, let's see how long this lasts)
This weekend I was tempted a lot. My biggest struggle in the last 3 years has been dealing with my temptation and figuring out how to have what I want but still loose weight. I have had a lifelong battle with weight control, so finding the will power to loose 95 pounds was amazing to me. To this day, I am not sure how I did it, and I give weight watchers all the credit. Now, though, I realize that without addressing my eating problem head on, it can come back to haunt me pretty easily. Being on the Fat Smash Diet is reminding me how I handled temptation the first time around, and I am able to take note of exactly how I handled it.

  1. Get it out of your life!
    I removed all those bad temptations out of my house (except my fiances chocolate, she'd kill me) and try and remove myself from situations where I am easily tempted. As I mentioned in the Day 3 blog, I was able to avoid the snacks while attending a friends party by simply going into a different room and hanging out with the people there. Sometimes being in that situation is un-avoidable, if that's so, then lets get to point number 2!
  2. Make a plan
    Have a meal plan for your entire day. I keep mine posted in my half cubicle here at work or at home on the fridge. Knowing what you are going to eat will help you avoid eating other things you are not supposed to. If you are in a situation where there are other temptations, try to make a plan before you get there, and start looking forward to sticking to that plan. Didn't have time to prepare? That's fine too, take yourself out of the situation, or take inventory and choose the things you know you can eat. This does require a good bit of will power
  3. You can't regret it later
    After I've removed myself, or made the healthy decision, it's really easy to be sad about missing out on that cake or ice cream or giant bowl of white rice (man I'm hungry), but guess what, your gone! Your in the car and that food is behind you. You're not going to turn the car around on the interstate and go back for it so just keep moving. No use wasting time being sad or regretting it, nothing you can do now. Time to head home and have an apple.
  4. Have a support team
    This is the most important part of will power. Sadly, a lot of the strength one needs in order to successfully loose weight, needs to be supported by friends and family. If the people around you are continually shoving food in your mouth and not caring about your personal well being, these are not people you need in your life right now, it might be time to make new friends (because sadly you can't break-up with family). Make sure the people closest to you know what it is you are up against and are willing to help you with your journey. Make sure they are people willing to help you if you fall, and keep you from temptations.

Well I hope these helped those of you struggling with temptations and will power to get over those temptations. Don't give up, don't ever give up.


Wednesday, Mar 4 2015

Nothing moving

I'm still sticking with it but nothing seems to be moving forward, just more of the same.  Too much free food at work, sucks.


Wednesday, Feb 18 2015

Sticking with it

Not a long submission here, just thought I should mention that I've been sticking to the plan and its FINALLY starting to pay off, I was down 2lbs last Friday. I hope to build on that this week, I will have to let "you" know lol.

You are the resistance...


Tuesday, Oct 7 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: Watch your math!

Be careful when you are tracking your items! sometimes the math doesn't work out the way you want it to because WW doesn't do half points anymore, and things get rounded in a weird way.  For example, if you eat 1 serving of Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese it is 2 points, but if you eat 2 servings it is 5 points! Why is that? Well its math my dear! Lets say when you plug in the nutrition facts of the soup into your calculator, the actual math works out to 2.3 points plus, but since WW doesn't do partial points, it gets rounded down to 2 when you track it.  If you eat two servings, that's actually 4.6 points plus (2.3 *2), and again, with no partial points, 4.6 gets rounded UP to 5! Most items will work out correctly for 2 portions, just about everything starts getting weird around 3-4 portions so always be careful, don't assume! sometimes you get lucky and a 2pp item will double and only be 3pp (1.6 rounded up to two, but doubled, 3.2 rounds DOWN to 3!). Be careful when eating partial portions as well, this mathematical rounding phenomenon works in the other direction too!

To sum up; always plug everything into your tracker correctly, never assume you know the points when multiplying or dividing, plug it into the tracker and let it tell you which way the scale leans!

That's all for today, happy tracking!


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