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Friday, Jan 16 2015

Not making excuses

It's been a while since my last blog, and any regulars of my blog know that means I have not been eating right! Sure enough I have gained a few pounds and I am trying to get moving to get them back off.

I have been busy with work and trying to plan this wedding I have been mis-stepping when it comes to eating and excising.  I am hoping a return to blogging is what is needed to get things moving in the right direction.

wish me luck


Thursday, Aug 21 2014

Life been good

Life has bee good lately! I mean, I'm not getting everything my way, but most of it is and I like it. I am definitely in a "The Lord Givith" time in my life, and trying to stave off the "The Lord taketh away" times. I'm still working on watching all of the House episode, im in the middle of season 6 right now, great show.  I've also been watching the new season of masters of sex, not as good this season IMO.

My family got invited to audition for the family feud a few weeks back! That was a lot of fun.  We won the audition, heres a video of me getting us over 200 points to win the game.

We are supposed to be invited back for the show sometime soon, keep everyone posted on when that happens!

Other than that, same old same old, trying to keep loosing weight, its hard, I still have 7.8 pounds to go, sigh. Wedding planning as well is not all that fun but we are getting it done!


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