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Tuesday, Nov 4 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: What does the butcher in the market weigh?

Often times we guess how much food we are eating. It's good that you are tracking, but tracking inaccurately negates the act! You may think you know how much that food weighs or measures, but MAKE SURE! Get out that scale or measuring cups and find out for sure what you are eating. The general rule is that a 4oz piece of meat is the size of the palm of your hand or a deck of cards, while that is a good rule if you don't have a scale, being precise is better. Here are some meats that are more than worth the weight watchers points!

Beef, ground, 90% lean/10% fat, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Pork, loin, center rib, lean and fat, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Fish, tilapia, cooked - 3oz 3PP
Beef, New York steak, cooked - 3oz - 5PP
Chicken, breast, raw, without skin, without bone - 4oz - 3PP
Chicken thigh, dark meat, skinless, boneless, raw - 3oz 2PP
Turkey, breast, ground, raw 4ox - 3PP
Deli sliced turkey - 6oz - 3PP

That's a good start! Here are some other tips I've found:
12 Ways to estimate serving sizes


Thursday, Sep 11 2014

Stupid scale

I hate my scale, yesterday, 188.3, I eat right I excesise, today, 191.8?!?!

scaled are dumb

that is all


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