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Wednesday, Jan 29 2014

Weight Journal: 190.0

Down to 190.0 on the scale today, but I am very sick so I don't think I can take credit.
Ate within points: Only had a bowl of soup :-/
100% on Active Link: no way, can barely move
Late night snacking? No, just water and powerade
Overall Grade: G

When I was in school, a G was a no grade kind of thing, basically you passed the class, but with nothing that will affect your GPA.

I don't like being sick but being this low on the scale is kind of cool. still 10lbs to go.


Monday, Jan 27 2014

Weight Journal: ---.-

I didn't weigh in this morning, I've been sick

Ate within points? No idea I didn't count but I'm SURE I didn't I went to a buffet.
100% on activelink: Nope
Late night snacking? was at buffet until 9pm...
Overall Grade: F

Failed the crap out of yesterday... I'm loosing it folks...


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Most of my blogging has to deal with weight loss, if you can tell from the tag cloud above. I didn't want to use my blog to just be like "oh, here is what I did over the weekend," my life isn't that interesting. Instead I began this blog in hopes of expressing a lot of the thoughts I have about my own life and life in general, as well as share a lot of the humerous things I see out on the net including chat conversations. This blog might seem random and all over the place but serves as a great deal of inspiration not only formyself, but it would seem for a few others. If you have come here I hope you are either inspired, or at least entertained. Enjoy!

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