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Tuesday, Feb 4 2014

Chat Conversations: BET

Me: she is watching a show called Being mary jane
Me: comes on BET
Me: I don't watch ANYTHING on BET
Me: but i watched one episode of that show
Me: almost died
Her: Hahaha...anti-bet, eh?
Me: big time
Me: its dumb
Her: I haven't watched bet in many a year
Me: I mean
Me: the name alone
Me: Black entertainment television
Me: who says ALL black people will be entertained
Me: and if I'm not entertained
Me: ... am I not black now
Me: and furthermore
Me: if I'm offended at what you consider black entertainment, what does that say
Me: its owned by Viacom
Me: so there are Jews deciding this (no offense if your part Jewish, but Jews do own Viacom lol)
Her: You just went deep
Me: ::steps off soapbox::
Her: Hahaha!
Her: I feel like you need to write a Wikipedia page on this
Me: lol actually I'm going to blog it
Me: i might just copy this conversation, hide your name of course lol


Tuesday, Sep 17 2013

Chat Conversations: BOLO

Me: Office Email: "Please be on the lookout for a black, middle aged, casually dressed gentleman who may or may not be seen appearing to be on his cell phone as he walks through tenant spaces."
Me: Oddly, I'm more disturbed by the use of the word "gentleman" in reference to someone who is a threat.
Me: gentleman makes it sound like the worst thing he's doing is politely asking people for a spot of tea.


Friday, Apr 5 2013

Games we play at work

Coworker: "..this can't be right..."
Me: "Well you see his father is FROM Kenya but he was actually born in Hawaii, that's why hes an American citizen"
Coworker: "... well played."


Tuesday, Jan 15 2013

Chat Conversations: Drinking

Her: I have a headache, i think i drank too much last night
ME: where did you go last night
Her: i didnt go anywhere
Her: i was at home
Her: with my miller lights
ME: oh nice
ME: by yourself?
ME: not that that question is a means of derision
ME: im the king of drinking at home alone
ME: but you might be the queen lol

ME: again not making any implications about me and you being married... or royalty
ME: im going to shut up now


Friday, Nov 30 2012

Chat Conversations: Goals

Her: Make a list of things you want to learn/do/try
Her: focus on that for a little bit
Me: so i did that
Me: i got nothing
Me: i dunno if I set the bar way to low for myself in HS
Me: but everything ive wanted in life ive achieved
Me: except marrage lol
Her: damn
Her: I can't even get my stupid puzzle done
Her: If you figure out how to not worry about finding a relationship, let me know
Her: Even when the worst stuff is happening, that tends to creap into my mind regardless, and I feel like a selfish bitch
Me: yeah my parents were big on focusing and completing a task
Me: which is good
Me: got me through college
Me: but i put my eyes on something i get it
Me: the cars i wanted
Me: the house
Me: the job
Me: the friends
Me: maybe thats why the single thing fustrates me
Me: i work hard at it and im not getitng it
Me: parents never told me this method doesnt work against another persons free will
Her: hahaha
Her: hate it when parents [screw] you over like that


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