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Thursday, Nov 29 2012

Interesting facebook conversation

Woman 2
Tuesday at 12:53pm near Doraville ?

    So here is something controversial. I saw you posted this Arwa Bint Muhammad yesterday and then I saw my friend Woman 1 share this. Thoughts anyone? males and females :)

    <    Fox News: 'Women Aren't Women Anymore'
    Forget the War on Women. According to Fox News, there's a vicious war on men going on.
        Woman 1 AARON TRAISTER's response is awesome!! The boys who have problems are the weak ones who can't handle a woman. Women want to marry MEN. Thank you Jonny!
        What this guy needs to succeed? Less competition
        Fox News contributor Suzanne Venker tells men to blame feminism for their downfall
        Tuesday at 1:06pm ? Edited
        Woman 2 lol -- > Ladies, according to Venker, by working to support ourselves (and our present or future children), we've lost our femininity and destroyed men in the process. And you thought you were just trying to pay your rent.
        Tuesday at 1:08pm ? 1
        Woman 3 lol...i love this!! well we work just as they not understand that taking care of kids takes a huge toll on us!!!???
        Tuesday at 1:18pm ? 1
        Woman 2 I can see the logic in both perspectives
        Tuesday at 1:25pm
        Woman 3 i think the economy has put soo much stress on us that it makes us all crazy
        Tuesday at 1:26pm ? 1
        Woman 1 I say "BooHoo" to everyone!! Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way!! LOL
        Tuesday at 1:27pm ? 1
        Woman 2 It's not just a sexual revolution, there has been a shift in the entire economic structure including stagnant wages, inflation, technology, etc.
        Tuesday at 1:27pm ? 1
        Woman 2 This is another response worth reading
        Tuesday at 1:32pm
        Woman 2
        The War on Men ? Straw Feminism 101
        Who?s losing?
        Tuesday at 1:32pm
        Woman 2 "Feminism, you see, is the reason why there are no Nice Men Who Will Marry You. Feminism frightened them once when they were children (as this wondeful cartoon illustrates). It was the nasty thing they saw in the woodshed. You, young lady, were foolish enough to think you might manage to pursue your dreams and simultaneously get married and have children. That was your mistake. And that is why you are single. "
        Tuesday at 1:33pm
        Woman 1 Zehra Mehdi-Barlas and Man 2, thoughts?
        Tuesday at 1:49pm
        Man 2 Equality for the sexes is a must. We have made good progress throughout the years but we are not quite there yet with equal wages and positions for women. I do believe there has been an underlying "war on men" that specifically has to do with how Men a...See More
        Tuesday at 2:04pm ? 1
        Woman 1 The below linked PBS Special address the issue you are talking about very well in the first episode, "Man of the House"
        Tuesday at 2:07pm
        Woman 1
        America in Primetime : PBS
        America in Primetime presents some of the most compelling shows on television to...See More
        Tuesday at 2:07pm
        Woman 1 To be fair...something could be said for the fat man with the beautiful wife, as an objectification of women...we, as a society have to raise our expectations of people, better women deserve better men and vise-versa.
        Tuesday at 2:10pm ? 1
        Woman 1 Lena's link above it hilarious!!! "Maybe that?s the War on Men. Perhaps, in the War on Men, the Subculture of Men Who Insist In No Uncertain Terms That They Will Not Marry Because Women Are Doing It Wrong is, indeed, the first casualty. But I?m not sure it?s a loss."
        Tuesday at 2:36pm
        Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen 9am: Hunt down a man, make manwhich for breakfast and feed to my lady pack.
        Noon: Go down to the construction site and yell at man, bonus point if I can push one off a pedestal
        3pm: Sob because another man eludes my marriage trap.
        9pm: Piss off a bunc...See More
        Tuesday at 3:56pm ? Edited
        Man 2 Wow. Have we come that far?
        Tuesday at 4:01pm
        Woman 1 Man 1 and Me
        about an hour ago
        Man 1 "All the articles and books (and television programs, for that matter) put women front and center, while men and children sit in the back seat. But after decades of browbeating the American male, men are tired. Tired of being told there?s something fun...See More
        about an hour ago
        Me I, like Lena see the logic on both sides. I we have to evolve with the times tho, we not only being men, but our economy as well. The solution to our struggling economy is not in gender, if anything we need to take the current gender roles and figure out how to shape a economy around them. Men who are looking for a women to "get back in the kitchen", keep looking, you'll find one. Women who are looking for a man who likes the fact your headstrong, career driven, and motivated, keep looking, hes out there, I promise. There shouldnt be a war between us, just compromise.
        about an hour ago ? 1
        Woman 1 I totally agree with your points Jerad. There needs to be more respect, but that works both ways...i think there are women that feel they need to over compensate and get defensive when they are judged pre-maturely or feel like they have something to prove. At the same time, I think there is also a lot of women-hating going on by men.
        49 minutes ago
        Man 1 Indeed, everything must have a balance. That said, though ... cases of misogyny are looked at negatively by our culture (and rightfully so), whereas misandry is often laughed at, or used comically, at least in American entertainment, which can be a loose barometer for where America is culturally, and where it may be headed.
        35 minutes ago ? 2
        Woman 1 Very true
        34 minutes ago
        Me: I had to look up "misandry" lol, jared using those SAT words on me. almost ironically proving your point. Chris rock even tells a joke about how we are raised as kids to tell our mothers how good she looks, tell her how nice the house is, tell her how ...See More
        2 minutes ago
        Me: I was reminded of our ever changing times listening to people after this last election saying "this isn't the America I remember" and my first thought being " know what, your right, but we are not going back there, we are changing as a culture, as a people, time for the things around us to change too"
        a few seconds ago


Thursday, Nov 15 2012

Deep Chat Conversations part 3

"work" is me just FYI

so u have a braoder communication scope
work: something i pride myself on
Her: i think its something you should definitely pride yourself in
work: I do feel like you can put me downin just about ANY situation and I will thrive
Her: its a skill
work: it is
work: but if you get deep into it
work: having that skill makes me wonder WHY am i good at it
work: to which I coclude, its cuz I dont know who i am down deep
work: which allows me to place my conciousness in other peoples worlds
work: if my consiousness was set it stone, it would move, and i couldnt free it up to understand where someone was coming from
work: so yes its a skill
work: but it does come at a cost
work: and I dunno if youve ever had that feeling
work: but not "knowing who you are" or feelling like u dont haev a unique identtiy
work: is this hopeless lost feeling
work: yah know
work: specially once you feel like youve been looking for 30 years
work: its almost too late to figure out htis maze
work: just accept your lost
work: sit down and enjoy the rest of the show


Wednesday, Aug 8 2012

Chat Conversation: getting to deep about lunch

Me: like im in a bad mood and i know eating my s#!++y soup is just going to make me mad at the world so I want to go grab soemthign that will make me happy
Me: I dont know what that is
Me: i guess thats the eternal struggle in life
HER: hmmmm
Me: finding what makes you happy
HER: this is true
Me: you always think you knowwhat it is until you have it then sometimes your wrong
Me: and your not happy
HER: yea thats true for big stuff and little stuff
Me: then your back to squre one and wasted time when you could have just had the soup and at least been satisfied
Me: but the country was foundied on the pursuit ya know
Me: we are not guranteed happiness, but the pursuit of it
HER: wow, youre going deep with this soup thing, ;)
Me: so its almost by the constitution that i HAVE to go get food, to at least attempt to find my happiness, een if just for a lunch hour
Me: yeah that was really deep into the concepts of humanity
Me: lets backtrack
Me: im hungry, im gunna go grab food i think, wanna come?
Me: lol


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