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Tuesday, Oct 7 2014

Weight Watchers: Tuesday Tips!

Today's Tip: Watch your math!

Be careful when you are tracking your items! sometimes the math doesn't work out the way you want it to because WW doesn't do half points anymore, and things get rounded in a weird way.  For example, if you eat 1 serving of Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese it is 2 points, but if you eat 2 servings it is 5 points! Why is that? Well its math my dear! Lets say when you plug in the nutrition facts of the soup into your calculator, the actual math works out to 2.3 points plus, but since WW doesn't do partial points, it gets rounded down to 2 when you track it.  If you eat two servings, that's actually 4.6 points plus (2.3 *2), and again, with no partial points, 4.6 gets rounded UP to 5! Most items will work out correctly for 2 portions, just about everything starts getting weird around 3-4 portions so always be careful, don't assume! sometimes you get lucky and a 2pp item will double and only be 3pp (1.6 rounded up to two, but doubled, 3.2 rounds DOWN to 3!). Be careful when eating partial portions as well, this mathematical rounding phenomenon works in the other direction too!

To sum up; always plug everything into your tracker correctly, never assume you know the points when multiplying or dividing, plug it into the tracker and let it tell you which way the scale leans!

That's all for today, happy tracking!


Friday, Sep 26 2014


"Waiting to come back to [Weight Watchers] meetings until you loose the weight makes about as much sense as waiting until your healthy to go to the doctor."

~Heather Paper


Friday, Sep 12 2014

Yet another restart

Still having issues with my weight, I loose, I gain. So sick of the ebb and flow.

I'm starting my count of "Good Eating Days" over again, and challenging myself to 7 straight days to start. What does a "good Eating Day" look like you ask?:
  1. Tracking ALL food eaten
  2. Not going over my allotted points
  3. Not eating after 7pm
  4. Eating breakfast
  5. Careful snacking in the afternoon

The last one is key because I tend to snack a lot while I sit at my desk in the afternoon, vending machine food, terrible. I am going to stick to chewing gum, eating applesauce and drinking water to avoid the snacking.

Well I hope I can do this. I'm wearing my anchor (even got WW to replace them so they are newer looking), I feel super motivated, I need to get more exercise. I just hope I can keep this up and get this weight off. Need to be strict with myself like I was when I started that journey.


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