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Tuesday, Jul 16 2013

Weight Journal: My activelink Monitor is trying to kill me

So last week I was on the final week of my active link challenge and I was sure my active link monitor was trying to kill me! The level was set at 8 points a day which seemed to be a herculean task. On Saturday I played 2.5 hours of basketball and it was STILL blinking 100%. Eventually over the course of regular movement through the day I tipped it past 100%.  Yesterday I went for a 40 minute walk around the park then for a 2 mile jog, then a 2 mile walk (ok I jogged two miles and I got tired and walked two miles back, sue me!) I checked my monitor and I'd just tipped past 100%! Craziness.  Thankfully the challenge is over and I can set my own level of activity, lol. I've set it back down to 6 points a day and I will see how that goes, I might set it even lower than that.

I said all that to say this, I totally am a believer in this active link thing. It definitely makes you gauge how much activity you are actually getting everyday and how much you are lying to yourself about the level of activity you are getting. It made me so aware that i was finally starting to fit in the extra activity where I could, because every step count.  It made me make little challenges to myself along the way. Since I started the active link challenge I have lost 7lbs and I can say without a doubt that the active link monitor played a huge part in that success.  I look forward to wearing it everyday in the foreseeable future and look forward to it continuing to help me lose more weight and get to my goal!


Thursday, Jun 27 2013

Weight Journal: ActiveLink summary of 70 Days

Here is a 70 day summary from my ActiveLink Monitor:


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