Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

New Diet Plan: Day 1.

I have not been stepping on the scale, its been more disappointing then helpful as I will be good for a week and see nothing, so for now I am going to try this scaleless and continue to work on my will power.

Yesterday was good, kept my wits. today is another day.


Tuesday, Apr 11 2017

I haven't found that edge

I'm still looking for something to effectively motivate me. Last January I made a pledge to loose weight and spent 12 months gaining it. this year I have done the same with the same result.

No declarations of no more.

Just hard work.


Monday, Apr 10 2017

Are you yella?

Any fans of 80's movies out there? Specifically the back to the future franchise. There were these moments in the film where the protagonist would have a confrontation with the antagonist and it always ended the same way. Right when cooler heads were going to prevail and the protagonist was about to walk away, the antagonist would call him a chicken, leading to the protagonist to do something stupid.

I am having a somewhat similar situation...

For me, the antagonist is simply everyone else in the world (not that I see the world that way, just for the purposes of this simile), and I cannot stand being called "Big Guy"

I get it, you meant it as a compliment, I HATE IT.

Today I am turning that into motivation. The guy at Costco tonight called me big guy and I guess it stuck in my craw.  So im back at square one AGAIN.

the only difference is...

I'm mad...

and ready to do something about it.


Friday, Nov 18 2016

Weight Loss Self Challenge

I've challenged myself to loos weight again, so far I'm not doing a great job.

I promised my wife I would be 190 by our anniversary next year... I do not know how much I weight currently so I am not sure how big of a task that will actually end up being.

Man oh man, just to make it through the holidays...


Monday, Oct 17 2016

Micro Blog

So I've started a micro blog in hopes of gathering more accurate information about my eating patterns, to then in hopes understand why I feel hungry, the things I can do about it in the future. It is going pretty well so far I think, it has only been about a week. If there is a want for anyone to see these micro blogs maybe I will find a place for them on this site. In the mean time they remain private!


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