Friday, Jun 12 2020

Some things we need to keep in mind

With everything going on in the world, there are some truths we need to keep in mind:
  • ALL lives do matter, black lives are a subset of that. ALL lives are not the ones getting killed by cops every other night on the evening news, so for right now we need to be specific. When other "colors" are struggling with something, feel free to start a green lives matter, orange lives matter, etc. movement, I will gladly be on board with that too.
  • Resisting arrest is NOT PUNISHABLE BY DEATH
  • If you want to do something about the situation right now, join a PEACEFUL protest, or better yet, VOTE, and I mean everyone, VOTE.
  • The protesters and the looters ARE TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS, sure there might be some overlap, but as soon as you start looting,you are no longer protesting.
  • LOVE is whats going to make this come to an end. We have to learn to love each other and remember we are all human and are not all that different.
that is all...


Thursday, Apr 5 2018

Stage 1: Detox -> Day 0

Today is day zero, meaning tomorrow I start detox. I haven't got to the part of the book where she tells me what to eat everyday but I am getting there by tomorrow. I have been counting calories and that has been going great. Last night instead of popcorn and booz like normal, I ate a banana with light whip cream, grapes, and cinnamon. Next time I will be able to back that off to doing something non-food related.

I don't have measurements, im trying to leave the scale out of it for now...


Tuesday, Nov 14 2017

Keeping it going!

My morning walking routine is kicking ass!!

Now I just have to eat right....

le sigh


Thursday, Nov 9 2017

6 days in a row

I have been doing my 545am plan everyday since I posted last week and it has been going great! I have had 10K+ steps everyday, I'm at the top pf my friends list on my fitbit. I hope I can keep it up everyday till the babies get here.

Lets get on a scale soon right...


Wednesday, Nov 1 2017

Early Morning Workouts

I have devised a temporary plan to get a few more steps and only sacrifice 15 minutes of sleep. i am goign to wake up at 545, and immediatley leave the house, getting to the church where I carpool around 6am. I will then walk for 45 minutes until the time we meet to goto work, and get dressed once we arrive at work. on the days we dont carpool, I will go straight to work then walk near work for the 45 minutes! Sounds like a plan, lets see if I actually do it. Today, Check.

Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad.


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