Tuesday, Apr 7 2015

FSD: Day 6

Todays Weight: 194.0

Another large chuck gone, now I am averaging 1.2lbs per day. I finally went for a really long jog yesterday so I am sure that had a large part to do with it. Stuck to the diet, finding ways to search for that will power to keep going! had to have a couple conversations with my friends who have been through it before to get through it. Today I am actually excited about my meals, I have the usual, but I'm excited about it!

This goes hand in hand with yesterdays topic of will power. One must also have zen like discipline in order to loose weight. Here's the dictionary definition of the word, tells us all we need to know about it! make our rules, stick to them, no matter what. I know "rules were meant to be broken", sorry, not true if you are trying to loose weight.


noun: discipline
  1. the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.
    "a lack of proper parental and school discipline"
    synonyms:control, training, teaching, instruction, regulation, direction, order, authority, rule, strictness, a firm hand; More
    routine, regimen, drill, drilling
    "a lack of proper parental discipline"

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