Friday, Sep 12 2014

Yet another restart

Still having issues with my weight, I loose, I gain. So sick of the ebb and flow.

I'm starting my count of "Good Eating Days" over again, and challenging myself to 7 straight days to start. What does a "good Eating Day" look like you ask?:
  1. Tracking ALL food eaten
  2. Not going over my allotted points
  3. Not eating after 7pm
  4. Eating breakfast
  5. Careful snacking in the afternoon

The last one is key because I tend to snack a lot while I sit at my desk in the afternoon, vending machine food, terrible. I am going to stick to chewing gum, eating applesauce and drinking water to avoid the snacking.

Well I hope I can do this. I'm wearing my anchor (even got WW to replace them so they are newer looking), I feel super motivated, I need to get more exercise. I just hope I can keep this up and get this weight off. Need to be strict with myself like I was when I started that journey.

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